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What deposit do you need for a second mortgage?

Are you considering taking out a second mortgage and want to know how much deposit you need in order for the offer to go forward? If so, why don’t you keep reading to find out? For your second mortgage, you should expect the rules to be tougher, as you’re already paying for one mortgage. This …

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Qualifying for your second home mortgage.

If you are considering buying a second home, you have reached the right blog! We will go through some questions and material as to what to consider when making such a significant decision. Despite the fact that mortgages maybe the focus in a purchaser’s mind, one will need to have a plan of action as …

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Home equity loan in Toronto Vs a second mortgage.

So, what is a home equity loan as offered by a bank? A home equity loan can be described as a large loan that’s borrowed against the equity in your home, with a reasonable interest rate, compared to a non-secured loan. There are banks and credit unions in the Toronto area that offer these lending …

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What is a private second mortgage and how does it work?

You’re looking at getting a private second mortgage, but you want to know what it is and how it works. So, what is a private second mortgage? A private second mortgage can refer to a few things. For instance, it’s financed by a private source such as: a private bank, an individual business, or your …

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Does it make sense to refinance a second mortgage?

You’ve been told you should consider refinancing your second mortgage, but what does it mean and does it make sense for you? Refinancing your second mortgage essentially means you’ll obtain a new mortgage by trying to lower your monthly costs. Refinancing your second mortgage is a step you shouldn’t take lightly, so if you’re interested …

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What paperwork do you need to qualify for a second mortgage?

It’s time to start applying for your second mortgage, but you’re not sure what paperwork you need. Before applying for your mortgage contact your mortgage broker or your credit agencies to ask for your three main credit reports and have them sent out to you. Begin by collecting all your documents together and pop them …

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