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We will assist you to identify your requirements and goals, and will…


A second mortgage is a secured loan, taken out on an existing mortgaged property…


Several reasons may lead to facing a Bad Credit situation, such as inability…


Debt Consolidation is the practice of taking one loan to clear off…


With Best Refinance equity 85 program you could refinance your mortgage and pay off your debt with one lower payment.


Best Refinance will provide a free credit report, debt analysis and a detailed plan to pay off higher interest debt with a new, low rate mortgage.



Best Refinance understands bad things happen to good people and when faced with divorce, job loss or a sudden change in cash flow making ends meet can be tough. If your credit has suffered for recent slow payments or worse, collections, liens or costly judgements – we can help.


Complete the app and receive a complete digital offer with a savings breakdown.


Meet with your team member and review your loan offer that will include a plan on how to repair your credit.


Complete the steps, pay off all of your bad debt and work with us to rebuild your damaged credit


Benefit From Our 25+ Years Of Mortgage Experience!

Transparent solutions for residential mortgages and commercial mortgage refinancing of existing properties.

As one of many Toronto Mortgage Broker services in the Greater Toronto Area, Expert Mortgage has stood out over time, as we have provided clients with straightforward and transparent borrowing solutions for both residential and commercial mortgages. The 
mortgage financing area is quite complex, given the new rules and a wide array of banks and private lenders touting to have the best product at the best available rate. In some cases, after applying for your home equity loan and paying certain costs to advance your file, you may be told that the initial rate agreed to – “just doesn’t apply in your case.”

At Expert Mortgage, we have never cared for the above noted tactic and believe in working within realistic parameters for our residential and commercial mortgage clients. This requires working with you to review your personal expectations and financial circumstances to ensure we have the right mortgage and the best rate suitable for your borrowing needs. As a former financial advisor with one of the chartered banks on Bay Street, I believe in viewing the full picture, as opposed to just throwing arbitrary rates out there, which may not be applicable to my client’s commercial mortgage refinancing needs. I would much rather take a personal approach and give you the facts, having reviewed with you what is feasible and what isn’t with respect to residential, commercial and 
second mortgage rates and your personal circumstances.

As a Toronto Mortgage Broker service, I am regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), and as such, I work for you as your dedicated mortgage agent (as opposed to bankers who work for the bank and have their employer’s interest at heart). I hope that this website gives you some insight as to what is available in the commercial mortgage refinancing world.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you in securing your best commercial mortgage and/or commercial refinance.

We specialize in mortgages across All of Ontario.

With a significant amount of our operations originating in the city of Mississauga, we have come to learn a lot about real estate and mortgages in the region of Peel. Whether you need advice on a new home purchase or a second mortgage, we are able to find you the right mortgage solution based on your personal needs. Many of our clients have questions regarding refinancing their homes and learning more about mortgage rates and what options they may have in paying off their debt sooner. If you have any questions or concerns, or even require a second opinion, do not hesitate to reach me at the phone number listed below.


Using a mortgage broker, you will likely benefit in the following manner:


Some Mississauga mortgage brokers will be a part of the Mortgage Brokers Association in Ontario or other industry group. These sort of associations assist and provide licensing and certain continuing education courses to their members. Some associations represent the mortgage broker community in dealing with agencies, licensing bodies and regulators on the local and provincial level in Ontario. As a member of any particular Mortgage Brokers Association in Ontario, Mississauga mortgage brokers are expected to abide by the professional and ethical standards outlined by the respective association and meet any qualification requirements indicated in the association’s mandate.


To legally work in the city of Mississauga as a fully licensed mortgage broker or mortgage agent, you must meet the requirements outlined by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). All education requirements must be approved by the Superintendent and FSRA.


Amidst the purchase or refinancing of your property in Mississauga, you will come into contact with a number of professionals such as: realtors, home appraisers/ inspectors and real estate lawyers.

Realtors in the province of Ontario are overseen by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). RECO has the function of regulating real estate professionals in Ontario on behalf of the provincial government of Ontario. A broker in Mississauga can refer you to a competent realtor that can assist you in finding the right property and further negotiate with the seller on your behalf.

At this time, Home inspectors in Ontario are presently not regulated, but the province is considering new legislation to regulate the house inspection industry. For a qualified inspector, it is best to consult The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, as of this time, of this publication, is the only recognized body of home inspectors in the province of Ontario, and thus it would be prudent to consult their website when seeking out a qualified home inspector.

Mississauga has excellent Real estate lawyers that help to ensure all transactions proceed by having all legal documents completed. Furthermore, a real estate lawyers’ main priority is to make sure that your rights are protected during the mortgage refinancing or home purchase process. If you need any assistance in contacting the aforementioned professionals in the form of a referral. Please do not hesitate to contact.

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“Victor negotiated our mortgage rate down by almost half of what our bank had posted at the branch.”
Lisa V. – Milton, Ontario

There are many travel websites that offer different information regarding different travel destinations to the city of Toronto. You can also find some useful information on the internet about this popular city in Canada. This unique city offers something for everyone, whether you want to visit the CN TowerRoyal Ontario MuseumRipley’s Aquarium of Canada or another of the cities top attractions, there something to attract the most discriminating tastes.

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. Toronto is generally considered as an international centre for business and finance in the province of Ontario. Frequently considered the financial capital of Canada, Toronto has a high concentration of banks and brokerage firms on Bay Street, based in the Financial District of the city.  The city continues to be a wholesale and distribution point for the industrial sector, that further allows Best Refinance to provide quality service all over the city, inclusive of Mississauga and nearby areas. 

Driving Directions from Pearson Airport to Best Refinance:  Continue to ON-409 E then head west and keep right, follow signs for ON-409 E/ON-401 E/ON-427 N. Take ON-427 S and ON-403 W to Hurontario St. Take exit 119 from ON-403 W  and continue onto ON-409 E then use the right 3 lanes to merge onto ON-427 S toward ON-401 W. Use the right 2 lanes to take the ON-401 W exit then keep left, follow signs for Brampton/Hamilton and keep left at the fork, follow signs for ON-403/Hamilton/Queen Elizabeth Way. Keep left, follow signs for ON-403/Hamilton and merge onto ON-403 W then use the right 2 lanes to take exit 119 for Hurontario Street and follow Hurontario St and Burnhamthorpe Rd W to Duke of York Blvd. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Hurontario St (signs for Hurontario Street S/ON-10 S) then turn right onto Burnhamthorpe Rd W and turn left onto Duke of York Blvd and you will find Best Refinance office on the right side.

Driving Directions from Ryerson University to  Best Refinance: Get on Queen Elizabeth Way from Confederation Pkwy and Hurontario St then head southeast on Duke of York Blvd toward Webb Dr and turn right onto Webb Dr. Turn left onto Confederation Pkwy then turn left onto Floradale Dr and floradale Dr turns right and becomes Hurontario St. Use the right lane to merge onto Queen Elizabeth Way via the ramp to Toronto then follow Queen Elizabeth Way and Gardiner Expy E to Old Toronto, Toronto. Take exit 155 from Gardiner Expy E. Merge onto Queen Elizabeth Way and keep left to continue on Gardiner Expy E, follow signs for Toronto then continue straight to stay on Gardiner Expy E and use the middle lane to stay on Gardiner Expy. Take exit 155 for Jarvis Street and take Lower Jarvis St and Jarvis St to Church St then slight left toward Lower Jarvis St and use any lane to turn left onto Lower Jarvis St then continue onto Jarvis St and turn left onto Richmond St E then turn right onto Church St you will find Best Refinance in there.

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